Primate Fight Club: Probo League NFT Collection by Xhobo

10,000 Probos on the Ethereum Blockchain!

/ 10,000 Available Now!

1 Probo @ 0.04 ΞTH
4 Probos @ 0.16 ΞTH
10 Probos @ 0.4 ΞTH

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Why Invest in Probos?

The Xhobo Team

♦ Full-Time in-house Artist & Dev!
♦ Same Team, Multiple NFT Projects as Xhobo.
♦ You're early! We believe our team/art/dev combo holds immense value.
♦ Team can produce physical collectibles.
♦ We love the NFT art form, its quite literally a family thing!
♦ We are dedicated to NFT's and in it for the long haul!

Quality Collection & Community

♦ As a patron of our art, you gain exclusive club access!
♦ High resolution 4k art, with 200+ hand drawn layers!
♦ Standard, Silver, Gold, Food, Oddball and Apeshit Editions mixed within!
♦ Every NFT has its traits in a QR code on the bottom right!
♦ Custom IRL Action Figures & Collectors Masks in progress!
♦ Long term support & inclusion. We'll make sure you're happy!
♦ You own the rights to your Probo! Have fun!
♦ 25% of ΞTH reserved for roadmap events voted on by hodlers!
♦ Numbers #10,001-10,100 reserved for influencers/celebrities and giveaways!

About Primate Fight Club: Probo League

It's an 'Ape Follow Ape' world, and they ain't apes.

These low attention span maniacs are in a class of their own! They're constantly in a battle for space, food, and mates. What's a wayward band of Primates to do? They form a Fight Club - an underground society of 10,000 distinguished Probos - fighting to claim their place in the zoo of the Ethereum blockchain!

By joining the PFCPL VIP Club, you become part of the PFC family and gain the ability to vote on project direction, airdrops and more! You also become a Xhobo patron and gain exclusive access to the artist and his passion for making NFT projects.


What cool things await?

Thanks for collecting my art! I love to give back to my patrons. Our club creates a place to interact and form this project. I think we can come up with an amazing plan through discussions and polls in our club. I'm willing to make physical collectibles, ΞTH airdrops, or even work on metaverse or gaming things. Whatever we come up with. Be part of the club! 25% of ΞTH stays in the wallet for whatever we all decide on together! Want contests? Want gifts? Want new collections? Let's have fun!

250 Minted - It's a start!

PFCPL VIP Club Opens

Vote on3ΞTH Airdrop (50 get .06ΞTH?)

Vote on1ΞTH Airdrop (5 get .2ΞTH?)

1,000 Minted

Behind the scenes page goes live

Vote onIRL Action Figures

Vote on5ΞTH Airdrop (50 get .1ΞTH?)

Vote on1ΞTH Airdrop (5 get .2ΞTH?)

2,500 Minted

Traits List unlocked

Vote onIRL Display Mask

Vote on10ΞTH Airdrop (50 get .2ΞTH?)

5,000 Minted

Musical Surprise Revealed

Vote onMetaverse Stuff

Vote on10ΞTH Airdrop (50 get .2ΞTH?)

Vote on5ΞTH Airdrop (10 get .5ΞTH?)

7,500 Minted

Vote onCharity Support ($25k?)

Vote on10ΞTH Airdrop (50 get .2ΞTH?)

Vote on5ΞTH Airdrop (10 get .5ΞTH?)

Vote onFun Community Stuff

10,000 Minted! Success!

Vote onCharity Support ($50k?)

Vote onProject Direction & Future

Vote on10ΞTH Airdrop (20 get .5ΞTH?)

Vote on10ΞTH Airdrop (10 gets 1ΞTH?)

Vote on10ΞTH Airdrop (5 gets 2ΞTH?)

*We meet our goals, we have discussions on the issues, and vote on it in the club.
*25% of ΞTH held for the PFCPL VIP Club to vote about!
*Every club member gets at least 1 vote. Hodlers get a vote for each NFT #.
*Become a club member by minting or achieving objectives outlined on
*Votes will generally take place for 1 week, starting the weekend after the roadmap goal is met.

Meet the Primate Fight Club: Probo League Team

Who Are We?

We're actually a family. No mystery team drama here - over 20 years together. My name is Davis, and I'm the old man here.I draw, sculpt and code. That means in-house art & dev to get things done! My wife helps, and the little ones don't. I really want you to become the team. Have fun with the project as long as we can, and then make more. The team is made of people who care enough to invest in the framework I provide, and we pick a path.


D Probo #4934

Founder. Artist. Illustration & sculpting. DEV.


A Probo #9513

Twitter. Communications & support.


Lil 1 Probo #5230

Intern. Learning game design & coding.


Lil 2 Probo #9994

Intern. Digital multi-media artist.

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